Stonehart is a brand for romantics, infusing everyday wear with a touch of playful fantasy and enchantment. By merging quality craftsmanship and wearability, Stonehart blurs the lines between costume and fashion, redefining how we perceive and embrace self-expression. Stonehart celebrates the joy of imaginative dressing for every day. As a female-owned brand, Stonehart embodies empowerment and encourages women to embrace their unique identities, and to dress like the main character in this epic of life. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Stonehart proudly employs small-batch production techniques, ensuring lasting quality in designs that you’ll want to keep forever.
Stonehart was founded in 2018 by Toree Arntz, a couture designer based out of Los Angeles. Toree began designing at age 19 while working as a trainer and caretaker for wild and exotic animals. Her job often brought her on long extended trips with the animals she worked with. She spent her time caring for the animals during the day and learning how to sew at night in her hotel room. She was inspired by the natural, effortless beauty of the animals and started encorporating the naturally shed quills and feathers that they gifted her into fantastic costumes she created for her personal use.
Her designs caught the attention of Hollywood stylists and soon Toree's creations were seen on some of the biggest performers in the world, such as Cher, Katie Perry and Steven Tyler. Toree worked for the entertainment industry, designing costume couture for 11 year until 2018 when she founded Stonehart, when she decided to make quality costume more accessable to everyone.
"My Costume background and love of folklore and cosplay has greatly shaped me as jewelry and accessory designer. Any time I dress up in costume I find myself wishing that this could be every day. So I try and create designs that make individuals feel unique and magical and also are comfortable and easy to wear." - Toree Arntz

Every "designer-made" piece on Stonehart is created personally by Toree, using a combination of lost wax sculpting, burn outs of organic material, and mechanical work.  These pieces take time to create as they are custom-made-to-order. We now also offer, as of October 2021, "ready to ship" or "direct" pieces, including several of our best sellers that have been outsources to various vendors in California and China for drop shipping. All factories in China are certified and sustainable, and are frequently visited by trusted partners.

As every designer piece is handmade in house, customizations are simple to apply at no additional cost. Just email us with your order to request a custom size, color, stone or otherwise at info@stonehartjewelry.com.

We are a "slow fashion" line, meaning we do not stock large quantities at any given time. When a designer piece is "stocked" that means that the raw castings are stocked. It is not until we receive your order that the casting is turned into its final form and size. This is what keeps us sustainable and also allows the flexibility to customize in any way for our customer.