Coming Spring 2019

The Romance

Stonehart is a sculptural, demi-fine collection inspired by the intrinsic beauty of the natural world and it's folklore, mythical creatures, and phases. Stonehart is a timeless keepsake that also expresses individuality, made from sterling silver, gold fill and gold plated silver.

The line is designed by Toree Arntz, Los Angeles' celebrity costume and couture designer. Toree, also known as Fauxtale, pairs her love of organic, unpredictable forms with clean lines and a structure that is easy and comfortable to wear.  Toree is inspired by the animals she works with at the Wildlife Waystation , her designs under Fauxtale are one-of-a-kind pieces, using naturally molted and found materials from animals she knows personally.  Stonehart is derived from this inspiration, now more affordable and sustainable

"Stonehart" is an expression of resiliency and rebirth.  For the scarred and for the scorched, protecting one's heart is a means of survival and a testament of strength.  And yet, from this strength we often become prisoners within a fortress of our own design.  Stonehart's rough edges, clean lines and bright crystals represent our journey out from behind these internal walls and forward into light, love and the romantic's pursuit of happiness.