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Floating Wings in Lavender Direct
Floating Wings in Lavender Direct
Floating Wings in Lavender Direct

Floating Wings in Lavender Direct

The Floating Wings, brilliantly strapless, are secured by magnets that are strong enough to dance in.  Now part of our Direct collection.  For designer made and different shapes and sizes please see Designer Made Floating Wings

You can wear them with any form fitted clothing, or opt to have them appear as if they are growing out of your skin by simply taping the magnet in between your shoulder blades. Tape is not included. We recommend a skin colored body tape or the clear gorilla tape, which is amazing and holds forever.

One magnet is included with size small, two are included with medium and large. If you plan on wearing your small wings with a jacket or thick material we recommend purchasing an extra magnet which we provide through our site.


Small: roughly 16’’ x 14’’

For custom colors, shapes or sizes please contact us at: info@stonehartjewelry.com extra shipping costs may apply for custom, larger wings.

Caring for your wings:

Clean only feathers that are necessary. Rinse gently with water and a touch of dawn soap. You can blow dry them or air dry them then steam. Never brush, comb or separate your feathers.

**This piece is one of our Direct items, which drop ships within 3 days with express delivery approximately 3-5 days**

The feathers are byproducts, which means they are secondary products to food sources.